Magnetic Floating Flower Pot
Magnetic Floating Flower Pot
Magnetic Floating Flower Pot
Magnetic Floating Flower Pot
Magnetic Floating Flower Pot
Magnetic Floating Flower Pot

Magnetic Floating Flower Pot

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The Magnetic Floating Flower Pot is the new way to add live plants to your home! It is a magnetic mid-air floating pot (you can tell your friends it's magical), where you can plant any type of plant or flower- the classic plant would be a bonsai tree (a miniature version of a large tree), but it's all up to you. When connected to a power source, the Magnetic Floating Flower Pot rotates at 360 degrees, completely in the air!

Note: Plants not included

How does it work?

The Air Bonsai levitating plant floats about 0.8 inches off the pot's base, using the negative reaction of two opposing poles of the magnet, pushing away from each other. 

What are the benefits of the Magnetic Floating Flower Pot?

Other than being beautiful and calming to look at, the Air Bonsai is a uniquely interesting way to insert live plants into your home, and these have some tremendous effects on your environment and health.

Our environment is filled with positive ions, being discharged into the air mainly from the electronic devices in our surroundings. These positive ions are making us tired and lethargic, as well as increased symptoms of depression and respiratory issues. The way to combat these symptoms is... you guessed it! Negative Ions. Negative ions can be found in plenty of nature in the vicinity of mountains, seas, rivers etc. That's why we feel so calm after visiting nature. 

The Magnetic Floating Flower Pot discharges a small number of negative ions into the air, and when placed strategically, can help in a verity of areas:

  1. Minimize allergic symptoms- the negative ions clear the air of air born allergens that might affect you in through different seasons. 
  2. Improve sleep- negative ions have positive effects in normalizing the production of serotonin in the brain, which helps you sleep.
  3. Increase your sense of well being and mental clarity- by combating the negative effects of the positive ions in your environment, these negative ions are also called "natural anti-depressants".
  4. Relaxing- negative ions are reported to have positive relaxing effects and help normalize your breathing rate. Of course with the Air Bonsai, it's visually serene, calming rotation helps too. 


Where should I place it?

While it's entirely up to you and your aesthetic sense, we do have some recommendations for optimal benefits:

    1. Next to electronic devices- for example at your desk next to the computer, to maximize the release of negative ions next to the electronic's positive ions. 
    2. In your meditation area- if you meditate regularly, you must have a dedicated area in the house for this purpose. Adding the air bonsai levitating plant will not only add to the decor but also add a calming effect. 
    3. Wherever you entertain friends- they will be impressed by the beautiful decor, and everyone will soak up the calming vibes.

Operation instructions:

  1. Plant the plant of your choice in the pot (by the plant's instructions)
  2. Place the base on a horizontal flat and straight surface and plug it
  3. Hold the pot with two hands carefully, and move it vertically downwards to the center of the base
  4. While moving the pot closer to the base, play with the position slowly, until you find the levitation point. You will know you found it when you feel a strong force holding the pot in place
  5. Slowly let go of the pot, making sure it stays afloat
  6. Water the plant regularly by its specific instructions- there's no need to take it off the base while you do that, but do make sure not to wet the base, and dry it immediately if it does get wet. 

Technical details:

  • Base size: 5.3X1 - 6.7X2.5 inches (each base is slightly different)
  • Pot size: 3X2.3 - 3.5X3.1 inches (each pot is slightly different)
  • Max levitating weight- 400 g
  • Floating distance- 0.2-1 inches
  • Material: plastic (wooden design)

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